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The walk into the old city!

My walk does not end at the chabutra’s. It continues to 2 of the most famous places, that Ahmedabad is known for.

if you haven’t seen the first part see it here. and look why that part and this part is different.

in these 2 places, you can feel and see the real Amdavad. The pure heritage unlike the other places i visited, in the photo walk. The heritage, the carvings, the grandeur, the stories all fascinates and makes you proud of your city.

the famous teen darwaza, the entrance to the royal square at bhadra fort. buit in the 141 A.D.

intricately carved. the windows are adorned with mesh work. One of the oldest and the longest gateway of ahmedabad.

carved beautifully isn’t it?

the lamps of hope. burning since the start of Ahmedabad, since 600 years. A tel diya, rise and atar are offered everyday to the small cavity, where ilaxmi is believed to reside

did you know that there is a secret staircase to the top of the teen darwaza which was used for protection of the city? you can get to know the magnificient of the gates once you are upstairs!

looking at the maidan-shah from the top!

from the top of teen darwaza!

at the east of teen darwaza is one of the most spendid mosques of INDIA- jama masjid

the perspective.

made by using yellow sandstones. architect a blend of HINDU and MUSLIM styling. rare!

the intricate and planned carvings of this mosque, leaves you peaceful. It does not matter to be a muslim, to feel that peace.

the grandeur

some parts are just yellow sandstone, and some parts are carved so beautifully that you cannot see it with a critical eye!

my personal favourite peice of art at jama masjid.

do see the art of the mosque finely

This is a graveyard of three great rulers. Ahmed shah 1, his son mohammed shah and his grandson Qutub-Ud-Din Ahmed Shah 2

if you are an amdavadi, visit to this mosque is a must! and if you planning you ever come to ahmedabad, please do visit this 🙂

so my walk ends here! i hope you travelled the places with me!



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