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Tiny illusionists.

Have you ever seen a myraj?  Did you feel that your eyes were tricking you ever. So let me tell you, they were. Our eyes are one of the best illusionists. But have you ever thought, that what you see is not always real. We can’t judge from what we see. Can we? Then tell me one thing, how can you judge everything and everyone with those tiny two illusionist of yours? The line where the sky and the ground meet! The kshitij. Is again one such magic created by these illusionists. Do you trust that illusion? No. It is obvious that the sky and the ground can never meet. So can you judge everything from those vital organs of yours? If you ever just find meaning in whatever you see, if you ever see the beautiful soul existing in someone and the beauty of something. You will then crack the magicians code!

Think about it. What do we do when we see a person? Or what do we appreciate in them? Their good qualities? Their lotuses? What about the reasons, because of which the lotuses did not grow properly! There is always an inside story, always a background to everything. Understand that!  At least try to. If you do so, then That day you will  become the magician, the illusionist. Let that illusionist of yours be illusioned by YOU. Think about this. And if so, you realize that you have made a mistake. Don’t be afraid to correct it or apologize to your loved ones!

Keep smiling J

Manasvi S.

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