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Tiny Paglas To Happiness


I am Dhvanil Sanghvi and I’m not that of an avid reader or a literature pankha (fan). So pardon my simple vocabulary which I think should be good enough to mango (carry) {as carry sounds like keri} forward my views chaarbano(before) you.

Have you ever met a person who stays happy and cheerful all the samay ?A person who won’t let anyone go to ninipariya if they are sad. A person who, when enters the room makes a leher of joy flow in it?

So, I am known to be that kind of a person (not bragging , not eating , not working , not a laptop , because all in all, I am dhvanil ).

People often ask me how I’m always so jolly. Well, here’s the secret. It’s all about your attitude. The way you react to the everyday things.

On a tukda of paper write teen(3) things which will make your mood prakash(light) and happy. For example, for me, this list will have listening to songs, dancing (with my room closed) and writing.

The next pagla is to take some time out from your busy schedule to attend to these things. Like, after coming from school or after studying for a couple of hours try taking out 15 minutes to do these. In these 15 minutes don’t let anything disturb you. “Yeh pandrah minute tumse koi nahi cheen sakta.”

A friendly suggestion- just keep your phone away for these 15 minutes. Don’t get carried away and waste your time. Also, 15 is 15 — learn to control yourself. And oh, it’s not that only meditation can lead to inner tukda(piece){peace}.If you follow these steps peace will follow you. Believe me.

After doing this for three days, stop for one day. From the next day onwards, do the same things but with a big smile as your ‘chewbacca mask’.

Legend (that’s me) says that your mind can only think negative if you choose bey(two){to}. Instead, choose to be happy. It will be a little awkward at first, but learn to have a big smile on your face only when you are doing these things.

Now, before the next paglu(step), first niche-khade-ho(understand) that the feeling of being happy can be created only and only if you re-tailor(seevvu){cieve} it from others. But now, you have to be the flag bearer for the positivity and try to spread happiness. So, next time you go through your society darwaajo and see the same security bagicho–en (garden-en){guard} give him a big smile and say good morning or good evening or Namaste or whatever the heck you want to. Just make sure that it sounds really enthusiastic and welcoming. Don’t just go away, stop and notice that amazing smile he’ll give you.It will be priceless. Extend this notion to other people: your bus driver, the petrol pump waala, dudhwado and literally every person who would never expect it from you. Talk to an old friend whom you have not talked to for varsho(ages). Recollect the precious old memories.

So as you have already started spreading positivity now learn to choraaw (steal) it.

When was the last time you went up to your father and hugged him?

When was the last time you gave a big kiss to your mum?

Girls are a lot better at this (according to my observation) but guys are all shaky about it. Go and hug your father the next time you see him and when asked what for, tell him “nothing papa I just love you”. See that catastrophic change in your pa’s mood the feeling of pride and love and surprise and joy and everything! It will all literally flood all over his face. Go and kiss your mom and you will be at the receiving end of absolutely all the love.

Now as everything is happy-happy and good -good, you also have to earn to the bad moments right? How would you stay positive at that time?

Don’t you worry it’s like karo-mummy(karma) though I don’t believe in it. Talk to your best friend about the problem. Or rather, your parents. They’ll probably be the perfect people to solve all your problems with those bag-loads of experience. Think of every problem as a hurdle to stay positive jena uparthi tame kudko maarso(which you would easily jump over). These problems are just a virus which would strengthen your immunity instead.

Just follow these steps and you shall be very much in love with yourself and the amazing world around you.

Keep muskuraing (smiling)

Dhvanil Sanghvi

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