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Today’s Cuisine : Dreams.

Dreams have an unusual hunger attached to them. Till those dreams are not recognized or fulfilled, their remnants and that hunger will stay with you.

The doubts of those dreams being goals or your usual fantasies is always a conflict in your mind.

The excitement of walking on that newly created path and imagining the recognition does sweeten your taste buds and satisfy your hunger for some counted moments. And the fear of failure makes that hunger shrink causing you to feel sick from within.The planning and those actions are surely the food for that hunger.

But when will it ever satisfy itself?

When will this soul stop demanding for a spice after satiating itself with a meal full of sweets?

Our Dreams are surely the most good looking cuisines which are made from the fresh and organic ingredients promising you a feel of heaven. But we fail to understand the process of making of cuisine!

Life is not served as hot or as sweet as you want it.

For making the perfect cuisine, you first have to recognize your talent of being a chef, an artist of your dreams.

You would have to refine your skills and work really hard for cutting the vegetables in the right proportion and for finding the perfect amount of salt for that rice! You will have to take risks and experiment and try cutting the vegetables in a triangle rather than in a circle. There will be some people who would enjoy your platter and some who will hate what you have created. But all that matters is whether you are happy with that experiment and that perfectly cut triangular vegetables!

Because you were the one to have actually thought of cutting those vegetables differently. And maybe experiments like these will finally result into that perfect cuisine with the best ingredients and the right amount of spices.

But the funny part here will be, after you have created your dream cuisine, you will have a strong urge for the people around you to eat and enjoy that. Your hard work tastes great if enjoyed by others! So if you get busy making the best platter but have no one to enjoy it with, what is the use of such a dream?

How much importance do we give to the audience who are watching us, the chef?

Dreams come with an unusual hunger. If you recognize that hunger and try satiating it you will end up living it. And you know what my hunger is?

Feeding people and making platters for them. Recognizing the individual differences and capabilities and setting up the menu and ingredients accordingly. Because every taste bud is different and I have a taste bud of love wanting to satiate my hunger by helping people satisfy theirs. So whats your hunger and your favorite cuisine?

~Manasvi Shah

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