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True Romance: Review

Released in 1993, True Romance is an American romantic crime film written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott. It revolves around Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) who is a comic book nerd and an obsessive fan of Elvis Presley and Kung-fu movies, and Alabama (Patricia Arquette), a call girl who was hired by Clarence’s generous boss as a birthday present. After watching three Sonny Chiba movies together, Alabama confesses her love for him and they get married the very next day. (Can you smell the drama?) To relieve Alabama from the clutches of her pimp, Drexl (Gary Oldman) Clarence kills Drexl and accidently grabs a suitcase of cocaine on his way out thinking it is Alabama’s clothing. They both jump in a pink Cadillac bound for Los Angeles with dreams of a better life ahead of them, but the mob is soon after them. Trying to offload the drugs, they tangle with cops, criminals and worst of all, Hollywood producers.

True Romance is an energetic roller-coaster, bursting with iconic dialogue and remarkable characters, with stealing, killing, cheating and romance all rolled into one to brew the perfect Tarantino movie. Though the soundtrack isn’t that catchy as Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, You’re so cool by Hans Zimmer stays with you. Patricia’s commitment to the role is apparent with changing and demanding effort to play the character of Alabama in totally contrasting situations. Every character has individualized personalities making a lasting impact on the viewers. There’s also a tint of magic realism with Clarence receiving visitations from a figure who can only be interpreted as ghost of Elvis – who convinces him to risk everything for Alabama. There’s a gazillion references to pop culture for this generation to know about. If you are a Tarantino fan, you must watch it. If you are not a Tarantino fan yet, watch True Romance to become one.

-Written by Anandha Lekshmi Nair

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