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With the usual money crisis that we go through always, we wanted to treat ourselves, party and have a good day! Spend time with our memories and each other. And a place with AC, beautiful ambience, quality food won’t go with us. Mainly because of our eagerness to do something new and yaa also not to forget about our money crisis. We chose this place called ‘Natarani cafe’ in Usmanpura.

Quite far from where we lived, but then those BRTS rides are what we need excuse for!

This cafe is not just a cafe, it is mainly a old theatre and an academy of classical dance. Not quite known for its food, but known for the vibes of culture and Ahmedabad.

So with our chattering and giggling, we entered the cafe, which was mainly open with the roof tops of dense green trees. Located besides the banks of Sabarmati river, the place is a mix of designs.

There was this privacy provided to each and every table, the tables were next to each other yet this  privacy was maintained.

If you want to cherish those beautiful memories with your loved once, talk about shitty things, spend hours with each other so take a pudina lemon drink from the open cafe sit under the roop tops made of trees somewhere in the corner, with mosaic tiles under your plate.

And that would be a perfect memory! A perfect time spent.

Talking about the food, we were quite hungry and out of money. So, this place where everything starts from 45 rs to maybe 170 rs at maximum was perfect for brats like us!

Those pasta with extra cheese, those grilled sandwhiches with an extra tint of capsicum and that pudina lemon drink! Wow, it made our day and also satisfied our hunger. The pudina drink is a must if you ever visit that place!

Talking about the ambience, i would say that everything was abnormal. With mosaic marble sitting arrangements, to fragile weaved metal doors, to curtains made of metal design sheets, to abstact graffiti, to puzzles and treasures in the flooring, to mechanical spears on the wall to where your eyes go!everything was abnormal, yet beautiful!

Usually we do strange  stuff when we are together, but the subtle place made us embrace all this more rather then our blabberings.

And and and!! We met Malika Sarabhai over there!!  The best part of everthing! I am speechless about that lady. Our idol and a perfect example of a strong women.

So this trip was quite successful for us!

Keep smiling and exploring! 🙂

Manasvi s.

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