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Unearthing the salt underneath

My fingers almost tickle when I wake up to doing what I routine. Pretty startling how unclouded the stigma surrounds in the malice place where stalks grow further but roots don’t. You personify actions in a rather sardonic manner, you mock at the circumstantial culture that later develops, you refrain yourself from giving it more than humour. Has this ever made things easier? You’re still as excited when awake. With your feet curled up against the carpet that’s just fresh with morning dust, and eyes sighting a hazy life and fingers prepared to rub through the gaze. You rise twice the size of a tree with a heart the size of amazon that is a habitat to generations of kingdoms of animals reigning there intolerant.

Behold. Look carefully what you surround yourself with.

Tang mist bread paint tubarose A variety of combinations can be brought to practice with simple, basic harmonious elements. They travel they play, they sketch themselves in the expansive sky in reward. For they are not regrettable.

Look for content that meets your eyes. And take good care of it.

– Ravi Patel

#perceptions #Salt #shade #warmth

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