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Untouched Abu

For me Diwali is always an opportunity to pack bags and go explore, my Diwali gifts are always amazing memories from the places I visit. This time I was wishing for an exciting holiday, and all the hopes got shattered when I got to know that we are again going to Mt Abu because my grandparents wanted to spend time with us. So we decided to stay in the outskirts of Abu where we will not go out, not do anything but spend time with each other.

Abu is famous among Gujarati’s for small escapes where they can drink, enjoy the Aravali hills and enjoy the atmosphere. This was my 4th visit to Abu and I was done going to the same market and the same Nakki lake. I got to know from a relative that Abu has great trekking tracks. I grabbed the opportunity and goggled agencies that can help me do something different this time. I came across www.hikingtrekkingmountabu.com and called up the guy, Narain Dana. He arranged a trek for me and my family. I was very keen to explore this part of Mt. Abu


The whole experience was indeed one of the best Diwali gifts I have ever received. I was so wrong about Abu before this experience!

We were about 8 people with 2 guides. We started the trek at 8:30 in the morning. The trek was of about 5 km, and all of us were amateurs in trekking and were worried if we could complete it and would enjoy it. But the vegetation around us, the jungle we were walking in was just so calm, serene and beautiful. There were only green trees around me yet I found that place so colourful; it was like green had so many colours within it. The vibes of the jungle were so welcoming and refreshing. In such a place I could never feel tired.

Narain informed us about the vegetation of the jungle; he talked to us about the 200 bear population in the jungle and how these animals are quite dangerous, he talked about the formation of the rocks in Mt Abu. The trek was made interesting and this was fun just because of our guides, their passion for trekking and their love for this land could be easily seen.

We saw an ‘Aghori baba’ cave. These babas are the highest forms in Hinduism, they also eat human flesh and marry dead bodies. They are meant to serve the mankind. I was astonished to know that such babas still exist!

inside the cave!

After a long beautiful 2 km trek, we had to climb up the rocks to go to a higher altitude. Reaching the highest point, I felt just so much alive. I could see the whole of Abu from here, I could see a blurred skyline reminding me about my unfulfilled dreams and inspiring me to clear the blurriness. The feeling of shouting from that place was just so much energetic, all the cells in my body felt alive yet my mind was at a peaceful state, I was just there in the present moment, feeling the liveliness of my body and my dreams. I wanted to stay with this feeling. The feeling was such an addiction. You want to feel that feeling again and again.

With a heavy heart we walked down to experience caving. It is also an adventure sport called speleology, where you explore the caves and walk past it. It sounds real easy but the task was really challenging. There is a very narrow space for you to go; there is a dark depth below you. You have to cross that cave by keeping your knees to the other side and your back to the other, with the strength of your hands you have to move forward. Inside the cave when you have to handle your weight and cross it with your strength, there is a doubt fluttering in your mind.

‘Can I do it?’

‘Am I strong enough mentally and physically?’

I myself did not have an answer to those doubts but I knew the only way to find out is by doing it. And I did it. I did it successfully. Walking out of the darkness, the light reached me and told me that the body I used to consider as my weakness proved to be my biggest strength here. The less weight helped me to complete the task in a great way. I was proud of myself during that realization. I was overwhelmed with joy seeing my family members stretching their limits and facing their fears. We underestimate ourselves so much, don’t we? We are not even aware of the powers we possess both mentally and physically.

inside the cave

That day I got a small insight into the strengths I have, Abu made me love that place more and it made me love myself even more. It made me, ME even more. There are about 16 tracks and I will surely not hesitate going to that place again and exploring myself and that place more.

My previous thoughts of Abu are long lost now…

Keep smiling

Manasvi shah

P.S.:  I am going to vlog this whole trip with many different experiences of what I did in Abu, so wait for more 🙂



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