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Upbeat – an affirmative answer

Playing in the sand parks, swinging around, talking nonsense, it felt so good when we used to be annoying little humans. Never even imagined what our life is going to give us in the future. Yeah, I know you must be thinking that this is a common topic, and well, yes it is! In my past I’ve been through a lot of things, experiences, that were not meant for a child my age at all. And I do not hesitate in saying some of which was out of desperation. These comprise of things I never thought I would do. But then I don’t want to title them as my mistakes either. Anyway, it is my past and realisation did occur.

But what is left is depression and fear. I’m just 17 and I do know, this is too much for me to say. You might think what a person this age would know about depression. But what I feel is nobody truly knows what depression is. You might get depressed because you were fired from your job, and a little girl who lost her father in a terrorist attack would be depressed as well.

Fear although, what I feel, is what you hold inside you out of your experiences. You don’t fear driving because you never met with any major accident, but you might know fear whenever you see a dog because you saw one biting your brother when you were young. But fortunately, fear can be defeated and positivity is the key! Positivity is actually what I wanted to talk about. If you google positivity, it says “Positivity is the frequent experience of pleasant emotions.”

Sometimes we tend to get into situations which would lead us to feel the depression and the fear. And it isn’t uncommon these days that depression or merely feeling sad arises from the judgements you get. It might seem wrong but, sometimes it is good to be judged. Until and unless you are judged, you don’t come to know what’s good or bad about you. But choosing between the good or bad, that is completely your decision, and that is where positivity comes in.

People judge you, they criticise you. You have to take that positively. Make minor changes and don’t prove them wrong, just let them judge you again and again until they compliment you.

Also, positivity stays when you stay happy. You had a bad dream, your mood is ruined, had a break up, had a fight with a close person and you become sad? Is that how you roll?

I have a ‘stupid’ theory though. If getting over something takes more than an hour or two, it will/might go on forever. I’m sure nobody wants that. And I am absolutely sure that this is completely false! But I need somebody to tell me how ‘taking time’ helps? Well all I know and believe is that your heart and emotions should be strong enough to find positivity.

I don’t need to tell you how to do that because this isn’t a lecture for ‘value education’. But , I can guarantee one thing at least. Whenever you find your positivity, it’ll be very peaceful and happy. And believe me, nobody looks ugly when their heart smiles.

I don’t think it is difficult at all and it’s not that I’m the first one to tell you this. All I imply is reality doesn’t change, you will have bad times but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. They say ‘Bad times come to make you value your good times more’. Think about it, It’ll take time to realise but not to implement. I ensure you that at the least.

~Apoorv Mathur

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