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Us, Without the World.

“The World is how you see it. For a bedridden patient who hasn’t been outside his room, it is his room with a window through which fresh air enters. For a new born baby, it’s his mother who strokes him. And for you, fortunately, it is how you see it.”

Mrs. D’Souza hadn’t yet completed her speech, but little Stan was already charged and excited. He never thought like everybody else. Never reacted like them. And thus, was never included in the others. Isolation was his only friend in the school.

That day, Stan rushed home and told his mother all that he had learnt. But the reaction of his mom was what Stan found wierd.

She said, “Stan, these are all bookish knowledge. In real life there is nothing like you perception. Understood? Now go and study.” But Stan didn’t understand, he saw the world with his own eyes and perception. It made him feel better. He didn’t have anybody. Rather, he didn’t need anybody.

And when Stan grew up to become world’s best artist, that is when everybody wanted him. But now, he had grown into an independent human. Without the World.

That exactly is our tagline, “US. WITHOUT THE WORLD.”

People call us crazy? We are crazy. We have a different perception and if that is what takes to be crazy, be it.

Keep Smiling. 🙂

~Manasvi N.

PS: Humans, the credits for this beautiful art and that for the tagline goes to Dhrupad Mehta. Thank you so much 🙂

#independent #withouttheworld

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