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Charles Darwin with all his research and theoretical proof, provided with the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution allegedly puts forth the idea of humans evolving from another species. Apparently, many species as they exist now have gone through changes for millions of years to evolve from species probably unkown, as of now. Human beings or Homo sapiens are a part of this ecosystem and are proved to have been evolved from the family of apes. With or without any explanation for this statement, it is implied that we, human beings are animals. But we are only on top of this food chain because, as Charles Darwin’s theory is also described as “the survival of the fittest” which directly implies that we are the fittest and the smartest species, ruling over this planet. But there is still something which tickles in my head. Let’s take an example of a peacock, now, during the mating season the peacock displays its vibrant blue and green feathers to attract the peahens. When we think about beauty and makeover, the gender role completely flips with our species. Females dress up and look colourful while males are expected to be smart, raw and muscular. It definitely makes us different from them but I don’t think peacocks have any problem regarding non-consensual mating. Apes, the closest species to humans alive today are still very distant. While reading a couple of internet articles and papers, I’ve come to know that female apes are described as promiscuous, which means that they have more than one sexual relationship or as described by the experts, immoral. But, as you go on reading this article, you should keep in mind that we are the fittest and the smartest species, ruling over this planet. Now when we think about evolution, we basically think of biological and psychological changes which can occur over a short or a long period of time. We never propose the idea of evolution as good or bad except for the fact that we’re growing smarter and that we have ‘brains’. No other species on this planet has a brain power or can think like humans do and that’s evolution. Our ancestors could not think like we do today, which is why we have a greater lifespan than our they did. But does greater lifespan means that we have new tactics to survive and defying mother nature’s attempt to maintain order? We have evolved in every possible direction. We have developed emotions, feelings, thoughts, gained knowledge and what not. But then we also have the worst history among all the species on this planet. We had wars and battles and mass murders. We are the worst when comes to unity. We gave birth to betrayals, treachery and treason. We went to an extent that we had to build prisons to keep a control on ownselves. We have a number of reasons to take pride in where we stand today but did we ever question the fact that we could’ve gone farther in some other possible direction ? We could’ve skipped the dark times if hadn’t thought too much. Is it a time to think about where we’re heading? Do we have time to take a turn ? Can this planet be turned into a prospective Wakanda ?

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