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We are, Happy To Bleed.

“Don’t shout! Have you forgotten the etiquettes of a Girl?”

“Dress properly! You’re a girl.”

“Don’t go out with boys, what will people think?”

“After all, you are a GIRL!”

These are true, aren’t they? Of course they are! The girl kind should behave because we are GIRLS!

I wear tiny dresses.

So what?

I shout on the top of my voice.

So what?

I roam around with guys.

So what?

Does doing all of this make me less female? I still have those genitals, I still bleed every month. And you, Mumma’s boy, you don’t.


Recently I read an article about how a student, Nikita Azad, started a campaign called #HappyToBleed. She, like many other females, was outraged to know that girls aren’t allowed to enter temples during their menstruation cycle.


Well, because they are impure!

Almost all of us know this but, unlike all of us, Nikita wrote to the director of the famous Sabarimala temple when he stated that they’ll allow women only after they check if they are pure or not. This checking will be done with the help of an upcoming Device!

Flared up, Nikita Azad started the campaign with the support of numerous females and males!

This is a small and simple attempt by a simple human like all of us. If such campaigns continue, I think India will have to change.

If a guy roams around girls, he is a stud.

And if a girl roams around with guys, she is a slut.

Fair enough eh?

We call ourselves Secularists, Nationalists and what not?

This nation is truly full of cowards if this is the condition. I fear no soul in saying so. There is no doubt that Bharat Mata is progressing, developing, reaching the zenith.

Yes, I deliberately use the term Mata as it means mother, who again, is a female.


All I want to tell you is,

We are humans as well.

And if we didn’t bleed, You wouldn’t be able to give us the weird looks either.

Keep Bleeding girls 😛

~Manasvi N. 😉

#HappyToBleed #girls #taboo #women

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