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What’s in the name? Well, a lot!

Okay Hello Readers. This time I bring to you not one of my experiences or learnings or anything I usually write about.

This time it’s about my name, rather, our name.




well, a name says a lot! XD

I’ve been told by someone that one’s name does have an adverse affect on one’s personality.

‘Manasvi’ actually means one who does whatever she likes or whatever she thinks is correct. In other words, a girl who listens to herself. This may be taken in 2 aspects, i.e., Positive and Negative, like two sides of a coin.

Listening to your inner self is what you must always do. Snap judgments are always (generally) correct. That’s what I read in an excellent book, Blink.

So, Manasvis tend to follow their gut and this varies from Manasvi to Manasvi.

For instance, today in the morning I woke up and had this sudden urge to get a boy cut. And lo and behold! I had it by 7 in the evening. Just because I needed it, even though my dad doesn’t approve of it. (Well, that’s a different issue though).

And talking about the negative aspect, Ego rolls in. Sometimes we tend to take our names so seriously that our decision making ability is crushed by the big ego some of us tend to have.

Well, I love my name and so does Manasvi S. The latter maybe be a reason of our downfall at times but mostly, the former helps us win the race.

Do share with us the story behind your names.

Keep Smiling 🙂

~Manasvi N.

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