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So I have been wanting to put down these words

That I carry around like a boulder

On my shoulder and on my head

Digging through my skull every now and then

It doesn’t give me pain neither do I feel the pleasure

And I ask myself that how do words make you suffer?

Words words words words words

I have been wanting to write them down

On a paper, on the screen, typing as fast as I can

But the thoughts run faster than my fingers do

They’ve always ran faster than my fingers have

The air conditioner is on and I feel cold

Exactly the way my heart feels right now

Cold cold cold cold cold

And numb

But still these words won’t stop coming out

And these thoughts won’t stop running down

To the memory lanes that I have trailed through

To the dream lands that I want to go to

And to the never lands that exists

I hear a knock on the door but I am too ignorant to open it

The man comes in without my permission

Like the thoughts that barge into my head

Spinning spinning spinning

Until they make a dough that is soft enough to hit me hard

And it gets hard to see myself break like this

Not all at once but bit by bit

There are things that keep me alive and safe

From these numerous thoughts that march in my head

Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp

I get tired from these voices and these thoughts and these stomps

And they won’t listen to me when I tell them to

Stop stop stop stop stop stop

So I just try to pull them out in order, and out of order

Three, seven, two, one, five, eight, zero

It doesn’t make sense anymore

Everything is tangled into each other

It is like that ‘reach to the end’ maze

I am running and running and running

Through the maze to find the end

And I know that the end will have a new beginning

A new maze and a new journey and a new end

The same marching thoughts will stomp into my head

And I will have nothing, nothing, nothing but the


Written by- Purvang Joshi

Image credits- Pascal Campion

#realization #writers #epiphany #poetry #poem #thoughts #words

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