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World with the eyes of an ant.

Get lost in it.

To drown in the tears of a baby

And float in a puddle on a leaf.

To find a tiny nook and get my family there,

And to get smacked by a newspaper.

The worst part is these humans!

Gigantic and monstrous.

They kill us, they hit us

Like we’re a piece of klunk!

For now, let them do this!

Let them do whatever they want!

They have bad egoes boiling inside them.

We are the displined once, tiny yet united.

We do not have traffic jams like those humans have!

As those humans have bad egoes.

We don’t mind collisions.

We are nothing as an individual. We are everything as a group.

What are you in a group? Or as an individual?

We live 40 hours maximum. But we LIVE!

You live 100 years maybe! But do you live?

Yess the world is big big enough for us to get lost in it.

But you made your world small, and got lost in it.

We the ants, we are living beings.

And those homosapiens are called human beings.

Isn’t that funny?

I am happy to live as an ant. Rather than being termed as a human ‘being’ with no being inside me. Make the world big enough around you. Make yourself big enough to LIVE LAUGH LOVE! Manasvi S, manasvi N


#ant #antworld #humans

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