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You Cannot Relate to This Post

I humbly request you to read the whole post and then decide if you’re really offended.

Jai Shree Ram my brothers and Sisters, The only reason Im writing this in English is so that everyone can understand, otherwise, why would you choose anything over the purest language in the entire universe, Hindi. Our nation is flooded with impurity and sins and weʼre very well aware of it. Lord Krishna was born on this land and today, every other hog in the world wants to take over and use our Dharti maa for their own selfish, pityful needs. They donʼt deserve to live here, in fact, they donʼt deserve to live anywhere. The dirty sons of green, they have the audacity to stand tall and live freely in the country of Ram. They have the audacity to touch our holy cows. There are nations that can accept their taboo beliefs but not this one. They have to learn the lesson and this is the best time.

We have the orange leader at the very top of the countryʼs hierarchy and nothing could make us more powerful. Everyone of the non-hindu individual in this country need to learn how to follow us, how to follow orange because this is our nation. These insects are nothing now, theyʼre very small. Let them be scared, at least they wonʼt get out of their houses and show their ugly, unholy faces.

When all of this is annoying so much, these foreigners wonʼt stop influencing the youngsters. Everything that our God has given us, even our identity is for a reason. That reason includes following him and trusting him. Men are men and women are women. Itʼs simple and unquestionably correct. There is no in between. Everything that is in between is sinful and disgusting. We do not have the authority to decide or even question the decisions that God has made. Anyone who still wants to continue and be stupid, does not deserve a second chance. Such a life, is a wasteful life and hell is what the one with such a mindset deserves. There are only two genders and these genders have to be proper in their conduct. The western culture has always been the death of our culture. They have inculcated a culture that destroys the traditional behavior of our population. Disgusting, sickening practices!

These words are not very different from what we hear everyday on the streets, in our workplaces or sometimes even in our house. The only truth in these words was that this nationʼs hurting and weʼre very much responsible for it. Honestly, I donʼt have a solution but I have hope. I believe in you and I believe in us. Weʼve come to an era of chaos. We have the ice melting in the far north, gigantic trees and forests being burned to the ground and all we care about is the man-made historic buildings. We have our women and children crying for help and still the men here want to stand up and say ‘not all men.ʼ I say, YES ALL MEN. Every man that believes that women arenʼt suffering enough is a man whoʼs at fault. Itʼs not very hard to understand when youʼre living in a country like India. Again, I donʼt have a solution, I just put the words that hear every day together to make it heavier. It still somehow doesnʼt match how heavy our motherʼs heart is.

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