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Documenting the marginalised culture with youth

What is Shaharnama?


Shaharnama is an initiative involving community artists from the city of Ahmedabad working on reinstating this city’s values of peace, harmony, diversity, and tolerance. These artists will be involved in community media through Radio Nazariya 107.8FM, a community radio based in Khanpur, Ahmedabad. The artists of Shaharnama will be working towards peace-building through their art, in their communities. Insights and stories discovered during the fellowship will contribute towards the Shaharnama program, broadcasted on Radio Nazariya 107.8FM and on the Shaharnama podcast. This will be a three-month fellowship.


About the fellowship


We look at community art as an inclusive practice for you, the artist, to manifest the growth of  perspective in your own community, and hence the larger society. Traditionally, community art has been a bridge that engages the community members. Historically, it has proven to have triggered changes at a community, civic, national, and contemporarily, even at a universal level. The evolution of media has happened such that it has left behind the very core of any city’s culture, and the drivers of it, their artists. Through the medium of community art, we want to amplify what you want to say and how you envision their community- through the language of art.


Inspired by the feelings of tolerance and fraternity, the artists will be responsible for designing interventions collaborative of their medium and their community.


Who is an artist?

Who isn’t? For the Shaharnama Fellowship, we want artists who practice art in daily life. Artists don't have to be just practitioners of a medium of art, but practitioners of what they preach, or believe in. We don't want to exclude any artform. Age and the medium of art are no bar. You could be a tailor, a student, a business owner, a printing press technician, a kitemaker, a karigar, a signage painter, a bookbinder, a mehendi artist, a hairdresser, or just that person who reads their newspaper at the tapri talking to strangers three hours a day. Through Shaharnama, we want to celebrate diversity and tolerance. If you are interested, you’ll find a way to get involved. 


Eligibility for the fellowship


  • No age limit for applying

  • Must be a resident of the city of Ahmedabad preferably from the old city area

  • A practicing artist - We are not limited to any medium. We encourage you to apply even if you don’t identify as an artist yet. 

  • Knowledge of at least one of the two: Gujarati and Hindi

How to get involved?

Shaharnama is a project that can be made possible only through true collaboration and the understanding of a need for community intervention through arts. One can get associated with Shaharnama as



Not every artist has access to information about such opportunities. If you know any artists as described previously, preferably from the old city (eastern) Ahmedabad, please fill this form. Do not forget to mention your contact details at the end of the form. 


As a community artist:

If you are based in Ahmedabad (preferably Eastern Ahmedabad) practicing any form of art. We even encourage you to apply if you don't just yet identify yourself as an artist; but would like to artfully engage your community in values of peace and fraternity. Please fill out this application for the Shaharnama Fellowship.


Work with us:

If this project interests you and you would like to contribute with your time and abilities, please email us at with the subject “Work with Shaharnama” please mention in what capacity you can contribute in the email and we will get back to you. 


The fellowship journey for the artist

Selected fellows will mostly be involved in two things- engaging with their communities and practicing their art with the motive of celebrating unity. Through a journey designed with workshops, training, and intervention designing along with contribution in the production of our Shaharnama podcast and broadcast on Radio Nazariya 107.8 FM. Changemaking doesn’t have to be global; change begins at home. 


Selection Process and Stipend


Fellows will be selected through self applications as well as nominations after a screening process. You can call us at +91 81287 07247 to submit your application over a call, or whatsapp us, you can also fill this application form or come down to Radio Nazariya at Mistry Chambers, Khanpur to submit your application. 


We will be contacting all applicants for an interview/workshop round before officially starting the fellowship with a select few. 


Fellows will be provided with a stipend of 3000/- per month during the entire duration of the fellowship. Tentatively, this will be a three-month fellowship starting in October 2021.

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