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Documenting the marginalised culture with youth

Shehernama is a programme that attempts to document the rich heritage and culture of Ahmedabad through the lens of the city’s youth. Ahmedabad’s heritage is a complex mixture of multiple groups and their cultural practices that overlap constantly and thrive within its walls; the different communities hailing from various social and economic backgrounds. Shehernama aims at understanding the culture and heritage of the marginalised communities that are not visible otherwise.


The Young people of Ahmedabad will engage with the festivals, rituals and cultural practices of the Sufi, Adivasi, Transgender and Migrant communities. Shooting, recording and writing about these communities, they will document these practices and make them available to the other citizens of Ahmedabad. 

This project will be led by Radio Nazariya, a community radio station, in collaboration with Nathi Nonsense, a youth collective, and will be mentored by Piyush Pandya, an Architect and urban expert. This project is supported by British Council.

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