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About us

At the nucleus, we are members of the same society that you live in, but, we have that urge to share our beliefs, ideas and demand the change we think is necessary. Our story is not different than yours, our issues are not different than yours. Thus, we represent the collective emotion of the need for change.


Truth is stranger than fiction. But the reality society has accepted comes off as fiction to us. We experience humanity with primal optimism that can come out as wishful thinking. We exist to cultivate thought and create the fifth space to put that into action.


We create, curate, collaborate and nurture ideas represented by the youth within our collective and the community that interacts with us. We use the power of stories and channelize the creative ecosystem that the world is at the frontline of. Our bias? India.


We use our privilege to create a platform for ideas with the potential for changemaking and use artistic means to build perspective. We are in a constant process of building a social enterprise, an eternal project that transacts in sustainable changemaking.

Meet the team

Manasvi Nag Picture.PNG

Manasvi Nag


Manasvi Shah Picture.JPG

Manasvi Shah


Shaalu Picture.JPG

Dhrupad Mehta

Anandha Lekshmi Nair.JPG

Anandha Lekshmi Nair

Mr. Terribly Tiny Tales.JPG

Purvang Joshi

Trusha Picture.JPG

Trusha Mishra

Apoorv Picture.jpeg

Apoorv Mathur

Kavya Picture.JPG

Kavya Desai


Manas Daxini

Ketaki Picture.JPG

Ketaki Singh

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